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The Alchemy Coffee Story

While backpacking through Europe in the early 90s, I discovered Italy and fell in love: with the country, the people, the history, the culture, the cars (and motorbikes!) And inevitably, the coffee!

I always wanted to go back and explore further, and in 2010 I got my chance. I spent a month driving (without GPS) around the countryside with my family, which was a fascinating introduction to Italian driving culture and sign language (I think I’m part-Italian).

In a tiny antique shop in San Gimignano in Tuscany, I found a vintage hand roaster which I couldn’t resist, so I brought it home, bought some green beans and began roasting. Many roasts, beans (and a couple of roasters) later, people started asking to buy my beans. And so, in July 2012, Alchemy Coffee was born!

I love every aspect of the roasting business, but my first love was as a barista. Making a great cup of coffee, and sharing my passion for the little brown bean remains one of my greatest pleasures. So as well as roasting, I have a mobile coffee van, supplying Alchemy Coffee to Manawatu businesses, the Feilding Farmers Market, and local events. I love my job. It is my hobby and my passion.

Gustare un caffè! (Enjoy your coffee!)